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20 years in business

And then I realized I’ve been in business for … 20 years.

Well, that went by quick! In november 1996 I decided to register myself as entrepreneur. I literally quit my study just the day before. I don’t know why but it was something I needed to do. Actually I’ve been an entrepreneurial thinker as long as I can remember. I started organizations, clubs, worked on temporary projects et cetera.

These 20 years, and I hope to write another post on this subject in another 20 years, were nothing short of a ‘journey’. I needed to find out who I was, what I really wanted, what drove me, what made me happy. People who know me personally know it hasn’t always been a pretty journey. I’ve faced some very difficult times in these last 20 years. However painful some of these moments were I cherish every lesson learned. Most of all I’m grateful. These 20 years have brought me so many beautiful, crazy, challenging moments and cool projects for even cooler clients. But most of all I’ve enjoyed collaborating with such awesome folk. A big thank you to all of you!

Darwin quote - not the strongest or most intelligent but most adaptable to change

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