Christian Fictoor

culture entrepreneur | co-owner iGNITE! Music B.V. | marketing & pr strategist | senior social media professional | event professional | public speaker | voice actor | innovator & coach | music & culture marketing | author | initiator & energiser


I worked on many different types of projects and roles in my almost 25 years of working as an entrepreneur. This means I always bring a broader view on projects I work on for clients, but to give you an idea of the types of projects you can hire me (and my team) for I’ve created this page.

Marketing Strategy****
Marketing Innovation***
Marketing Execution***
Revenue Marketing***
Online Marketing****
Content Marketing****
PR Strategy****
PR Execution****
Voice actor***
Commercial production***
Event concepting/production*****
Event director***
New business development***
Coaching & training***
Startup coaching****
Culture change / interim management***
Out-of-the-box brainstorm partner*****

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