Christian Fictoor – freelancer marketing & event professional

Christian Fictoor - freelance professional with over 20 years of experience in the marketing, branding, pr/communication, events, music industry & cultural sector. Co-owner iGNITE! Music Agency.


My own projects/projects I’m affiliated with:


iGNITE! Music
Co-founder, co-owner & music marketer of iGNITE! Music B.V. The company provides music management, music industry services (like music marketing), entertainment/music programming for business events and is a booking agency.

FPI Consultancy
Providing marketing, culture marketing, social media and event services based on more than 20 years of experience.

PUUR audio, video & domotica + GOLDMUND Benelux
This client provides high-end audio, video and domotica solutions. I am the freelance marketing manager for both brands.

Stichting Chris Fictoor Foundation (board member)
CFF keeps record of, and is the guardian for the compositions by the Dutch composer Chris Fictoor. The foundation also helps new and promising (music)talents to advance their careers. The foundations coaches and helps to find interesting performance opportunities for them.

Book projects I’ve collaborated on:
“Is Your Marketing In Sync Or Sinking?” 
2016 – author Yaagneshwaran Ganesh

2017 – author Yaagneshwaran Ganesh

“The GROWTH Hacking Book” 
2019 – authors: 35 leading marketeers/growth hackers from al over the world

“The Revenue Marketing Book”
2020 – author Yaagneshwaran Ganesh

“The Collaborative Crow”
2021 – author Yaagneshwaran Ganesh


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