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Christian Fictoor - freelance professional with over 20 years of experience in the marketing, branding, pr/communication, events, music industry & cultural sector. Co-owner iGNITE! Music Agency.

Design&marketing – 1st goldmund (pop-up) brandstore in europe

For a while now I’ve been working for GOLDMUND Benelux as a freelance marketing manager. In that capacity I am very pleased to announce that I got to work on a cool project: the design & marketing for the first ever GOLDMUND pop-up brand store in Europe. The store is located on one of the best hot-spots in Amsterdam, the Hobbemastraat 3 (next to MOMO).

The store will open it’s door on November 2nd 2019.
Be sure to keep checking the social media channels of Goldmund Benelux, a lot of cool campaigns and event will be announced soon!

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